What is Digital Citizenship?

The short answer to this question is that digital citizenship is responsible and capable citizenship in the virtual world.
These resources address some of the aspects associated with digital citizenship.

This project was created to inspire teachers to use technology in engaging ways to help students develop higher level thinking skills. Equally important, it serves to motivate district level leaders to provide teachers with the tools and training to do so.

Cyber Safety


Cybersmart, the Australian Government’s cybersafety program, provides resources and advice for schools, libraries students and parents so that they can safely enjoy the online world.

Stay Smart Online

Stay Smart Online is a site that provides all Australian online users with information on the simple steps that they can take to secure themselves online, including how to secure their computer and online transactions.

SOSO Smart online Safe Online

An interactive site that encourages students to be safe online and to take a stand against cyber bullying.

Responsible use

Writing a Bibliography

Write your bibliography with the help of Ergo, The State Library of Victoria site

Creative Commons

What is Creative Commons? These resources are created under creative commons licence and are free for you to use as long as you acknowledge Creative Commons Australia.

Creative Commons Search

Search for resources that are free to use.

Wikimedia Commons

Freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute.

Plagiarism Tutorial

Researching ethically is also researching efficiently. In this tutorial you will learn how to avoid plagiarism, and you’ll also pick up some good research tips.

Smart Copying

What can I copy? This is the official guide to Copyright issues for Australian schools.

Digital Literacy

School Libraries and Information Literacy

This site focuses on collaborative teaching and school libraries supporting digital age information literacy and reading.

Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship

This site enables users to explore and understand digital citizenship and responsibilities.

Digital Education Research Network

DERN is a network of researchers interested in research about education and the use of digital technologies to improve teaching and learning.

Evaluating Websites

This site has a range of resources for students and teachers to gain critical Internet site evaluation skills.

Blogs in Education

This site includes links to learning about the educational value of blogs, classroom and teacher applications, and getting started with blogs.

10 Micro-blogging tools compared

This site defines and explains Twitter, Pownce, Tumblr, Jaiku, MySay, Hictu, Moodmill, Frazr, IRateMyDay, and Emotionr

School Libraries of the future

School Libraries on the web

Resource lists in this directory include Learning and Teaching, Information Access, Program Administration, Technology, Education and Employment and Continuing Education.