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On the tribe

List #1 How not to get kicked off the island.

Kelly Brannock's Media Center Survivor

List #2 Essential Competencies for Modern Practice

from Richard Byrne

from Kelly Hines

Major portals and some articles:

external image NGFkNjk4MTU3MzIyOWNmNmYwNjQmb2Y9MA==.gifTop 100 Tools for Learning 2009 View more presentations from Jane Hart.

1. On Web presence:

Building Tools

Wikis (the killer app!)
Personal Information Portals (building tools)
Flickr for student galleries and library and school events
Meebo for Ask A Librarian service

2. On rethinking intellectual property, ethics, safety

3. Retool search and research

Beyond Google - 15 Tools and Strategies for Improving Your Web Search Results

4. Rethink collection

5. Learn to communicate research and tell digital stories:

NewToolsWorkshop Digital Storytelling
50 Ways to Tell a Story (Alan Levine--CogDogRoo fabulous list of tools and examples!) A must see!

The Amazing Web 2.0 Projects Book
Digital Storytelling How-to-Guide (Silvia Rosenthal Talisano)

Tap into Comics in the Classroom

6. Explore reading 2.0

Marianne Wallace
Book-related social networking

7. On the importance of networking and professional learning:

Social Bookmarking

List #3 New Rules for Modern Practice

What is 2.0?
Learning more
TL Smackdown
AASL Smackdown
NECC Library Tools Smackdown
Web 2.0 Meets the Standards (ALA Session)

external image pdf.png Eisenberg-School Libraries -Crisis-Nov 2009.pdf